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MCA Algas y Derivados, S.L., is a pioneering company in Europe with more than 30 years of experience in the production of 100% natural seaweed extracts.

Based in Andalusia (Spain) and directly dependent on its parent company in Hamburg (Germany), MCA Algas y Derivados, S.L. receives the raw materials for the final production of the different products used in agriculture, environment and green areas.

Since the creation of our company we have tried, with special extraction and preparation techniques, to preserve the physico-chemical and biological characteristics of the seaweed cells.

We work on the innovation and development of new products and applications, for which we collaborate in R&D projects with public and private entities and organisations.

The result of our efforts is a wide range of natural products that, while protecting the environment, provide simple and practical solutions to numerous agricultural and environmental problems where traditional treatments have failed, produced undesirable side effects or proved too expensive.

MCA Algas y Derivados, S.L. has a technical service, expert in the application of seaweed extracts, which supports and advises our clients by providing them with the most advanced technology in an easy and profitable way.


Traditionally, in the coastal areas of cold seas, seaweed was used to fertilise agricultural cultivation areas due to the lack of organic fertilisers and the absence of mineral fertilisers.

The use of unrefined seaweed is an important source for obtaining extracts and derivatives used directly as fertilisers or as a base for the application of other substances, with "Ascophyllum nodsum" being the most widely used and best studied seaweed.

More recent research has shown that along with the increase in production, it was also observed:

  • A soil improvement.
  • Stopping acidification.
  • PH stabilisation.
  • Increased cation exchange.
  • Less salinisation problems.

The ideal habitat for the development of Ascophyllum nodosum, a brown algae, is the North Atlantic, with cold waters, high tides and an abundance of nutrients throughout most of the year, due in part to the Gulf Stream.

In 1949, the first seaweed product was developed in Great Britain. After that, seaweed products were further developed and their fields of application were extended, as described in the literature:

  • A promotion of resistance to pathogens. (Kulok 1995; Yvin 1994).
  • Growth stimulation (Vasakova Hradecka & Jankovsky 1995; Yvin 1994; Malec 1995).
  • An increase in the enzyme activity of plants treated with seaweed extracts.
  • Compensation of micronutrient deficiency symptoms. (Jolivet, Langlais, Morot & De-Langlais 1991).
  • Growth regulation through the application of algae extracts to plants as a growth regulator or as an endogenous growth regulator comparable to the effect of phytohormones.

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