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Launch of the Tomex KS

02 Feb 2012


After two years of trials with Tomex Ks in different crops under plastic and fruit trees, in 2011 our new product Tomex Ks was definitively launched on the market, based on the good results obtained in the different studies. Indeed, the response from farmers and stockists has been very positive towards this product, since Tomex Ks is a very easy to use tool and gives the farmer great results, increasing the harvest both in quality and quantity, among the main features of the product we point out some of them

1.- High potassium content.

TOMEX KS is a liquid product with a high concentration of potassium, which allows to satisfy the potassium demands of the plants in the moments of greatest need, which are decisive for the quality of the production. In particular in the fruit development stages and in the final stages of the flowering crop cycle.

2.- High sulphur content.

TOMEX KS is a product that belongs to the TOMEX line. In addition to their thiosulphate ion content, TOMEX fertilisers perform two important functions: a nutritional function, providing essential elements for plant growth, and a corrective function, positively and significantly modifying the chemical and physical characteristics of the soil.

3.- Strong acidifying power in the soil.

– Lower soil pH: thiosulphate ions, when reacting in the soil, oxidise to sulphate producing a substantial decrease in pH; it is noted that lowering the pH in alkaline soils results in better availability and absorption of most nutrients including phosphorus, iron, manganese, copper, zinc and boron (acidifying effect).

– improve the availability of assimilable iron and manganese: thiosulphates, when oxidised, develop a strong reducing power in the soil, which allows the conversion of the oxidised forms of iron (Fe3+) and manganese (Mn4+) present but not assimilable, into the reduced forms Fe2+ and Mn2+ which can be absorbed by the roots (reducing effect);

4.- Optimises nitrogen absorption.

TOMEX KS regulates the availability of nitrogen by acting on the enzymes responsible for its transformation in the soil (urease and nitrification enzymes): this inhibitory mechanism ensures a gradual release of the element, a constant supply for the plants, reducing nitrogen losses from the soil and minimising the danger of nitrate accumulation in plant tissues (gradual nitrogen release effect);

5.- Produces more availability of microelements in the soil.

– Optimise the efficiency of iron-chelates: thiosulphates inhibit the activity of the bacteria that degrade the chelated molecules, considerably increasing their efficiency and permanence in active form in the soil (anti-chlorotic effect).


TOMEX KS is successfully used to promote fruit growth and ripening, the accumulation of reserve substances (carbohydrates, fats), to strengthen tissues and to promote a bright colouring of flowers and fruits, on potassium-hungry and chloride-sensitive crops.



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