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Tomex Komplex the new member of the family

18 Sep 2012


The long-awaited Tomex Komplex, After a year of tests and field work, we have launched our new product on the market, full of possibilities and with great results that satisfy the agricultural needs of our customers. Tomex Komplex is a highly concentrated liquid corrector of multiple deficiencies, composed of a mixture of trace elements chelated with EDDHSA and carboxylic acids (Iron, Manganese and Zinc), in mineral form (Molybdenum and Boron) and 25% extract of Ascophyllum nodosum, totally soluble and available to be absorbed by the plants. Algae extract complexed with microelements provides a new approach to the world of microelements that is very interesting from the point of view of assimilation and concentration.

Tomex Komplex, in its formulation, has used the combination of EDDHSA and carboxylic acids, achieving at the same time a high stability in terms of chelating power, ease of assimilation of micronutrients and high solubility of the same.

Tomex Komplex has a balanced ratio of micronutrients, recommended to prevent or correct simple, mixed, visible and hidden deficiencies. The micronutrients provided quickly resolve the symptoms of nutritional deficiencies such as leaf yellowing.

, poor bud development, flower and fruit drop, poor size and stunting in general. Its iron-rich formulation makes it particularly suitable for use in hydroponics and fertigation. It is an ideal product to complement the action of NPK fertilisers and is suitable for all types of crops, especially fruit, citrus, horticultural and ornamental crops. Tomex Komplex acts as an enzymatic activator, promoting the activation of auxins and proteins, improving fruit set and fruit set.

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