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Latest researches show that seaweed extracts provide a great variety of vegetal active principles, which are all important: microelements, amino acids, oligosaccharides, hormones, vitamins, short-chain peptides, etc, many of them already chelated, easily available to the plant.

Due to its high polyuronic acid concentration, our seaweed extracts applied to the soil:

Increase water retention capacity
Block toxic substances
Improve nutrient retention and exchange
Promote intensive root growth
Help plants to overcome transplant shocks and makes it easier for them to adapt to their new environment (tampon action).

Ours seaweed extracts, given their very high cation exchange capacity, enrich the clay-humic complex and improve soil structure.

It has been established that plants treated with ours seaweed extracts possess greater resistance in face of stressful situations and certain bacterial, viral and parasitic pathogens, increasing the plant’s internal defence levels.

Bio-algeen Granulado

Bio-algeen S92

Tomex Amin

Tomex Engorde

Tomex Hidrop

Tomex K25

Tomex Oly

Tomex Komplex

Tomex Ks

Tomex Forte

Tomex Calcium

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