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Copper complexed with heptagluconic acid and formulated with 20% Ascophyllum Nodosum algae extract. KINAP COPPER gives us greater efficiency, increases the speed of absorption and penetration of copper in the plant, greater persistence and resistance to washing, due to its innovative mode of action that places the copper in the subcuticular zone. 100% water-soluble, reaching the entire treated surface.


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Element % p/p
Seaweed extract Ascophyllum Nodosum 20%
Complexed copper (Cu) 5%
Mannitol 0.1%

Dosage and application


  • Fruit trees, citrus and olive trees: 200-300 cc/hl, making 2-3 applications, the first one at the beginning of sprouting.
  • Hortícolas: 150-300 cc/hl, realizando 3-4 aplicaciones según necesidades y desarrollo del cultivo.
  • Vid: 200-300 cc/hl, hasta el envero. Grapevine: 200-300 cc/hl, until veraison.
  • Do not apply during flowering or on copper sensitive varieties.
  • Do not apply at very high temperatures. In humid and cold areas it can be phytotoxic.
  • At high doses it causes defoliation of cotton and fruit trees at the end of the growing season.


  • Fruit trees, citrus and olive trees: 5-8 l/ha, make 2-3 applications, the first one close to the vegetative stop, the second one at the beginning of sprouting and the last one in full vegetative activity.
  • Horticultural crops: 3-6 l/ha, making 3-4 applications, according to crop development.
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