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Available in packs of 25 kg, 500 kg

With the addition of bio-algeen® THK Concentrate (clay-humus complex), even sterile sand can be transformed into a fertile substrate for plants, considerably increasing buffer capacity, water retention and microbial activity.

An additional addition of calcium and a corresponding amount of bio-algeen® THK Concentrate dramatically reduces water percolation, which is very important, for example, for waterproofing in landfill construction.

The combination of bio-algeen® THK Concentrate with bio-algeen® Liquid Concentrate forms an ideal germination bed for the seed and provides rapid humus production in sand dunes and dykes, ensuring that extensively tended green areas survive long periods of drought without irrigation.

There is a great deal of work done in this area, and it would be difficult to mention them all, but we can highlight as an example, due to the extreme acidity of the soil, the greening of the BKB (Braunschweigsche Kohlen-Bergwerke AG) open-cast mines.

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