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Available in packs of 20 litres, 1000 litres

It is a dispersion of bio-algeen® Granulate that is applied when it is necessary to obtain the same performance as the granulate but immediately. Inaccessible or newly created embankments, whether sand, subsoil, loam or rockery, are treated by spraying a mixture of bio-algeen® Liquid Concentrate, water, cellulose, fertiliser and seed (hydroseeding).

These embankments receive immediate protection against erosion through treatment by the formation of an insoluble lumpy structure. Even heavy rain cannot harm them. All the active ingredients of the seaweed and the high cation exchange capacity (buffer effect) of the preparation enable the newly germinated seed to form an immediate, strong and deep root system.

bio-algeen® Concentrado Líquido together with our preparation bio-algeen® THK has buffered pH values as low as 2.3 when used in the greening of opencast lignite quarries, and values as high as 12 when used in power plant ash dumps, and in both cases a healthy vegetation cover developed.

Slopes are mostly composed of mixed subsoils and soils, therefore the soil biology in them is difficult to develop. Slopes treated with bio-algeen® Liquid Concentrate show an intense microbial activity that can be seen, even years later, in the rhizosphere and in the density and colour of the grass.

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