With the addition of bio-algeen® THK Concentrate (clay-humus complex), even sterile sand can be transformed into a fertile substrate for plants, considerably increasing buffer capacity, water retention and microbial activity.

An additional addition of calcium and a corresponding amount of bio-algeen® THK Concentrate dramatically reduces water percolation, which is very important, for example, for waterproofing in landfill construction.

The combination of bio-algeen® THK Concentrate with bio-algeen® Liquid Concentrate forms an ideal germination bed for the seed and provides rapid humus production in sand dunes and dykes, ensuring that extensively tended green areas survive long periods of drought without irrigation.

There is a great deal of work done in this area, and it would be difficult to mention them all, but we can highlight as an example, due to the extreme acidity of the soil, the greening of the BKB (Braunschweigsche Kohlen-Bergwerke AG) open-cast mines.


It is a dispersion of bio-algeen® Granulate that is applied when it is necessary to obtain the same performance as the granulate but immediately. Inaccessible or newly created embankments, whether sand, subsoil, loam or rockery, are treated by spraying a mixture of bio-algeen® Liquid Concentrate, water, cellulose, fertiliser and seed (hydroseeding).

These embankments receive immediate protection against erosion through treatment by the formation of an insoluble lumpy structure. Even heavy rain cannot harm them. All the active ingredients of the seaweed and the high cation exchange capacity (buffer effect) of the preparation enable the newly germinated seed to form an immediate, strong and deep root system.

bio-algeen® Concentrado Líquido together with our preparation bio-algeen® THK has buffered pH values as low as 2.3 when used in the greening of opencast lignite quarries, and values as high as 12 when used in power plant ash dumps, and in both cases a healthy vegetation cover developed.

Slopes are mostly composed of mixed subsoils and soils, therefore the soil biology in them is difficult to develop. Slopes treated with bio-algeen® Liquid Concentrate show an intense microbial activity that can be seen, even years later, in the rhizosphere and in the density and colour of the grass.


It is used in the fermentation of various types of raw organic matter. The treated material can be stacked between 6 and 8 metres without producing unpleasant odours or water discharges that could contaminate aquifers.

bio-algeen® Acelerador de la Fermentación, as an unrefined culture medium with polyelectrolytic characteristics, accelerates the fermentation process and buffers heavy metals. This results in high quality compost in a minimum of time.

bio-algeen® Fermentation Accelerator has been used for many years in municipal fermentation plants as a starter and accelerator of microbial life.


Liquid solution of chelated calcium, amino acids and seaweed extracts used by foliar and root application for the prevention and control of physiopathologies due to deficiencies or imbalances in calcium assimilation.

Tomex Calcium supplies easily assimilated chelated calcium, provides essential free amino acids for cell development by fixing calcium in the cell wall. Tomex Calcium applied by foliar application is directly assimilated by the plant as its absorption does not depend on chlorophyll function. Applied via the roots, it corrects calcium deficiencies and reduces soil salinity.


Liquid blend of mineral micronutrients with seaweed extract. TOMEX RaZINe is a liquid corrective fertiliser specifically for Zinc deficiencies for root and foliar use. Its use in irrigation improves the dispersing and assimilation power in the soil of the solution with which it is applied. In extensive crops, it promotes the germination and rooting phases.


TOMEX KS is successfully used to promote fruit growth and ripening, the accumulation of reserve substances (carbohydrates, fats,…) and to promote fruit colouring and ripening in potassium-hungry and chloride-sensitive crops.

TOMEX KS is a fertiliser that performs two important functions: a nutritional one, providing essential elements for plant growth, and a corrective one, positively modifying the physico-chemical characteristics of the soil (acidifying).


Tomex Komplex is a liquid multiple deficiency corrector. High concentration of chelated trace elements (Iron, Manganese, Copper and Zinc), (Molybdenum and Boron) in mineral form and Ascophyllum nodosum extract, totally soluble and available to be absorbed by the plants, achieving higher crop yields, both in quality and quantity.

Tomex Komplex is composed of: Microelements chelated with EDDSHA and Complexed with Heptagluconic Acid that favour the speed of absorption and transport of trace elements in the plant both by foliar application and by irrigation.

These trace elements quickly resolve the symptoms of nutritional deficiencies “yellowing of leaves, poor bud development, flower and fruit drop”.


Tomex Oly acts on the fattening and ripening of the fruit, increasing the fat yield due to the combination of potassium and seaweed extract.

Tomex Oly is specially designed for olive cultivation and contains a wide variety of amino acids, vitamins, polysaccharides, alginates and phytohormones, as well as a whole range of activating substances from algae cells.

Tomex Oly induces the plant’s immune resistance to fungal infections and other pathogens.


It is a seaweed extract, specially developed for application at critical moments of plant development and maximum biological demand, as well as for fruit fattening and with the same essential characteristics as Bio-algeen® S92 and Tomex® K25. 100% plant extract rich in natural auxins and cytokinins.

Tomex Engorde prevents fruit drop and increases the size and earliness of the fruit, especially designed for application at critical moments of plant development and maximum biological demand.

Tomex Engorde contains a wide variety of amino acids, microelements, vitamins, polysaccharides, alginates and phytohormones, as well as a whole range of algae cell activating substances.