The company

The company

MCA is a pioneering company in Europe with more than 30 years experience in elaborating 100% natural seaweed extracts.

With its headquarters in Andalusia (Spain) and directly depending from its parent company in Hamburg (Germany), MCA Seaweed and Derivates, S.l. receives raw material for the final elaboration of different products used in agriculture, the environment and green areas.

Since our company was created, we have tried to preserve the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of seaweed cells by using special extraction and preparation techniques.

We work hard innovating and developing new products and applications. Thus, we collaborate in R+D projects with public and private Entities and Organizations.

Our efforts have resulted in a wide range of natural products which, protecting the environment, provide simple and practical solutions to numerous agricultural and environmental problems where traditional treatments have failed, produced undesirable side effects or become expensive.

MCA’s technical service, specialized in seaweed extract application, supports and advises our clients, offering the most advanced technology in an easy and profitable way.



Traditionally, seaweeds were used in the cold sea coastal areas to fertilize agricultural croplands due to the lack of organic fertilizers and the non-existence of mineral fertilizers.

The use of non refined seaweed is an important source for obtaining extracts and derivates directly used as fertilizers or as a base to apply other substances, “Ascophyllum nodsum” being the most used and better studied seaweed.

More recent researches have evidenced that jointly with production increases, the following may be also observed:

Soil improvement
Cease of acidification
pH stabilization
Cation exchange increases
Fewer salinization problems (López-Mosquera & Pazos 1997)

The North Atlantic is an ideal habitat forAscophyllum nodosum’s development, a brown seaweed, due to its cold waters, great tide rises and abundant nutrients during most of the year, in part, due to the Gulf Current.

The first seaweed product was created in Great Britain in 1949. Thereafter, seaweed products have continued developing and their application fields expanded.

The existing bibliography describes:

Pathogen resistance development (Kulok 1995; Yvin 1994)
Growth stimulation (Vasakova Hradecka & Jankovsky 1995; Yvin 1994; Malec 1995)
An increase in enzyme activity of plants treated with seaweed extracts
Lack of micronutrient compensation symptoms (Jolivet, Langlais, Morot & De-Langlais 1991).
Growth regulation by means of application of seaweed extracts to plants as a growth regulator, or rather, as an endogenous growth regulator comparable with the effect of phytohormones.

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